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The Do-Good Dozen Award by Yellow Co.


The Do-Good Dozen award is a 12-month award series by Yellow Co. to honor women who are using their unique skills to create true change for good, all in different work spheres. Winners have included the likes of Café Gratitude founder, Terces Engelhart, and the CEO of Elle Communications, Danielle Finck. The series exists is to encourage women that you can do good wherever you’re at, and to highlight trail-blazing women who have shown up to do just that. The hope is to shed light on the many, many ways that “good” is needed and expressed in the world – in work and in life.

Yellow Co. is an organization that exists to equip and gather creative, entrepreneurial women who are working for the good of the world. This is done through an annual conference, membership platform, digital content, and other in-person experiences. As their Director of Communications, I illustrate each month’s award winner both for use in Yellow’s digital campaign, as well as being printed and framed as a gift sent to the honoree.