Han. Creative


The Yellow Collective Magazine, Editorial

Art Direction

Yellow Co. is an organization that exists to equip and gather creative, entrepreneurial women who are working for the good of the world. This is done through an annual conference, membership platform, digital content, and other in-person experiences. As their Director of Communications, I conceptualized and directed the cover shoots for our monthly magazine, based on each issue’s theme.

“CONFLICT”, november 2018

Every day, conflict arises. We can cross injustice on our left, weave through an internal struggle on our right, and run straight into disappointment all before the morning is over. Even if we attempt to escape it, conflict calls for our attention. It calls for untangling. This month, our goal was to pull back the curtain on Conflict. To see it for what it truly is – something to navigate through – rather than avoid out of fear. When we approach conflict with the intent to not just make our point the loudest, but to find where the tangling started, share our perspective, and listen with empathy, there is so much more growth, resilience, and understanding to gain.

You can read my full introduction essay for this issue here.


“WEIRD”, october 2018

Most of us can remember the days we felt more ourselves wearing a unicorn headdress than a navy cardigan. The days our imaginations were unleashed not just often, but always. When we were unleashed always. Some time along the way, we start to not lose, but stifle, our weird. All the quirky, funky, off-kilter, spectacular things about ourselves that make us the individuals we are.

This month, we implored readers to let her stand in the sun again. We wanted to celebrate our weird not only because it breeds authenticity, but because when we work and live from a place of being our truest selves, we create a richer, stronger, more dynamic, and diverse world around us.

You can read my full introduction essay for this issue here.


“INVEST”, september 2018

We often see investing as the “in the middle” work we don’t want to do, in order to get to the end result we do want to have. But in reality, investing is a reprioritizing. A block by block, thoughtful look at how to balance your life between everything you need with everything you want, and adding in – where you can – the rituals that will make your life more fruitful, day by day – not overnight.

This month, we encouraged readers to start investing in what they need to create the life they want to live. To see yourself as an investment. See others as an investment. Remember, we’re worth our time. We’re worth our resources. We’re worth putting in the beautiful, bit-by-bit, work.

You can read my full introduction essay for this issue here.


“REFLECT”, december 2018

The turn of our seasons (no matter how much snow or sun you get) holds a rhythm that we not only love, but need. Our souls crave it. Our bodies welcome it. Our minds turn in time with it. And with this cycle brings a much needed space for reflection to appreciate the ending, and welcome this new beginning, refreshed. When our time to Reflect is rushed or skipped altogether, January can come as early as an unwelcome alarm clock. But with a careful sweeping of every corner in our minds and hearts, there is a much roomier space available for opportunity to grow, for love to take root, for an entire year of life to happily unfold, in full.

You can read my full introduction essay for this issue here.